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Frequently Asked Questions

If l get more than 1 homoeopathic pill in the lid do l have to fiddle to just get one?

No if you get 2 or 3 pills in the lid you can take them instead of fiddling to get one. Homoeopathic medication is not amount related rather interval between doses. So 20 pills will give the same result as taking 1 pill, but they will last you longer if you use 1 pill each dose.

If I drop the pills, are they still OK?

No the pills are not to be used if dropped on the floor or touched. Do not put them back in the container throw them in the bin.

Can Homoeopathics have adverse effects and what do l do if it does?

At times homoeopthics can cause an aggravation. There is a number of reasons for this. Firstly it may be a clearing or detox effect this will only be for a short period of time and should be easing in 24 hours. If the effects are difficult to handle try Nux Vomica to ease the symptoms or sometimes a cup of coffee. This is not preferred as it may stop the healing process.

The second reason you may aggravate is that the dose is too strong for you. Treatment for this is as above. In either case it may be wise to stop the medication and speak to your practitioner.

I can't tolerate the taste of the herbs and l feel sick when l take them what do l do?

The herbs do often have a strong taste, but this is also dependant on what herbs are used  not every herb mix tastes disgusting.  Herbs work by the liquid swallowed internally as well as by the aromatic odour. Generally a lot of people complain for the first few days about the taste then they actually say they look forward to taking it as the flavor becomes pleasant.

If you take the herbs and feel nausea's make sure you are taking it with something in your stomach and you have diluted the dose with water or juice. If you still feel nausea's reduce the dose by ½.  A lot of people say that if you mix the herbs with pomegranate juice or V8 vegetable juice you cant even taste them. If you still have trouble taking the herbs contact your practitioner.

As l have gone through the treatment l have noticed old symptoms reappear from years ago. What does this mean?

This is generally a good sign. If old symptoms appear from past disease states it indicates that they were not treated correctly the first time, it would indicate that the disease state was suppressed and hidden.

You can use the analogy of peeling an onion. You could liken this to getting chickenpox as a child then developing shingles 20 years later, it means the chickenpox virus was suppressed and it hid in the body and returned when the body was under stress.

Naturopathic treatment will often clear layers and as the body is returning to normal old suppressed diseases may return, this is a good outcome and you should tell your practitioner so they can treat it so it wont be laying latent in the body to return at another time. Often one suppressed condition can create more serious issues later on.

What kind of questions will l be asked during a Naturopathic consult?

A naturopath will ask questions relating to all body systems, ie digestion, hormonal, mental/emotional etc. The whole body is discussed as different symptoms or diseases can impact on other parts of the body. This can also give an insight to a cause of a disease state. You will be asked past history, at times family history, habits etc. It is important you tell the practitioner all peculiar queer rare and strange symptoms even if you think they may not relate. These sort of symptoms can often be a distinguishing aspect of prescribing. No symptom is strange to the practitioner even though it seems odd to you. You should also bring with you to your consultation all recent blood tests and medical test reports.

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