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Dr Adrian Hubbard

B.App.Sc (Clin.Sc.), M.H.SC.

(osteo), Member AOA

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A cancellation fee is payable where appointments are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice

Adrian graduated as an Osteopath in 2001 after 5 years of full time study. He holds a bachelor and Masters degree. He is registered with the Osteopathy Board of Australia (OBA) and a member of the Australian Osteopathic Association which is the professional body representing Osteopaths in Australia.

Adrians goal is to lead the way in professional osteopathic care for you and your family in Melbourne. Treatment is applied in a very specific manner to quickly restore function and reduce discomfort.


Low back pain, sciatica

Joint pain, muscle pain

Tendon and Ligament problems

Neck pain and headaches

Rib pain

Pelvic instability during pregnancy and after birth.


Adrian provides a unique treatment experience, using a skillful blend of traditional hands on Osteopathy and incorporating the Neurological Integration System (NIS) developed by New Zealand Osteopath Dr Allan Phillips. For more information visit

Adrian is motivated by genuine desire to help you achieve results. his experience is in Musculoskeletal complaints although he recocognises that somne symptom patterns may be caused by other factors outside of the musculoskeletal system, so he consults patients with many and varied presenting complaints.

Adrian is always very appreciative to existing patients who regularly recommended his services to their friends and family.

Come in today and see for yourself.

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